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Insiteful Imagery Web Map Service

The InSiteful ImageryŽ website is used to store and publish geo-registered vertical photographs with benchmark planimetric overlays (topographic contours, soil surveys, hydrologic data, utility plans, engineering plans, etc.) that can be selectively viewed. On-line analytic functionality for the end user includes pan, zoom, measure distances, measure areas, and change detection toolsets, as well as draw and text tools to create photomaps.

BOYLE utilizes a third-party, professionally-managed, internet hosting provider to support the service with 24/7/365, in a secure, scalable, high reliability facility operated by information technology engineers specializing in critical corporate data services.

Getting Started

To take full advantage of the InSiteful ImageryŽ applications, contact BOYLE today. We will help you directly, or put you in touch with one of our independent business partners to initiate services.

Service areas currently include the United States, Canada, UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Brazil, the Middle East, and others. Please contact us.

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