About InSiteful Imagery®

InSiteful Imagery® is a situation awareness tool...fueled by low-altitude, digital aerial photography.
To 'stay on top' of your projects, the mobile and desktop web-map application solutions allow easy integration and consumption of our pre-planned aerial photography for your specific project sites. InSiteful Imagery® is used by people to discover, confirm, measure, and report items of interest in a responsive, cost-effective, collaborative environment. The service facilitates more effective collaborative communication among users, thereby increasing awareness, mitigating business risk, and increasing performance and profits.

For large private companies or public regulatory agencies,
InSiteful Imagery® is a Best Management Practice (BMP) that can be integrated with other communications, accounting, reporting, auditing, oversight, documentation, and project management systems.

The InSiteful Advantage

High Resolution custom photography

"This application allows you to know the exact progress of your job and gives you accurate and detailed images to manage your project while sharing the data with others on your team."

Steve Bailey
MAG Land Development

A Comparitive Sample of
Image Resolutions

High Resolution Aerial Photos

Corporate History
Read more about this special partnership with Boyle Consulting Engineers and see how this online mapping software application came
to be.

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